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Manage your Custom Integration customers & payments inside Chrome.

Add Custom Integration to Chrome
ChargeDesk supports integrating any payment platform using our API and custom callbacks. If you use a gateway not currently supported by ChargeDesk, or you would like to add custom logic to your billing support workflow, you can use our Custom Integration tools.

If you manage a payment gateway or storefront and would like to leverage ChargeDesk's helpdesk integrations and billing support platform for your customers, we can turn your Custom Integration into a turnkey solution for all your customers.

Read the documentation for ChargeDesk's Custom Integration solution.

The ChargeDesk extension for Chrome is a powerful new tool which enables you to contextually manage your customers wherever you are on the web. Customers can be tagged with their payment information (such as most recent or total charges) as well as managed inside popular helpdesk and email clients.
The ChargeDesk Chrome extension includes custom integrations for Zendesk, Front, Help Scout, Freshdesk, LiveAgent, Intercom, Crisp, LiveChat,, AzureDesk, HubSpot, Missive, Gmail and Email. You can also use the tool to view and manage your customers inside your own internal admin systems.
ChargeDesk for Chrome Introduction
Features for Custom Integrations and Chrome
Refund Custom Integration Charges inside Chrome
With the ChargeDesk application you can refund any charge right inside Chrome. Partial and full refunds are supported. Refunds a processed immediately and you will receive feedback on their success. Once a charge is refunded it will show as such inside Chrome.
Beautiful & Functional Email Receipts
Every receipt makes your customer feel loved. The responsive design looks great on every device and each email links directly to a unique support page for the charge. Replying to the receipt will create a ticket in your helpdesk with the full details of the charge included. Email receipts are optional - you can use the rest of ChargeDesk's features without activating them.
Automatic PDF Invoices
Do your customers request payment invoices for their records? ChargeDesk allows you to turn on automatic PDF invoices which are attached to all email receipts. You can easily configure all necessary tax information from your ChargeDesk settings.
Search your Entire Billing History
You can search for the last 4 digits of a credit card, by email address, customer name, username and more. This allows you to immediately find specific charges for a customer without spending time hunting through multiple systems.
Your Billing Support Toolbox
The ChargeDesk Chrome extension lets you see and manage your customers on any web page. A subtle badge in your browser window will show how many customers are on a page. Clicking on this icon will open a panel allowing you to manage these customers.
Show Key Customer Information
We can automatically tag any customer that appears on a web page you are visiting. You can show the total revenue received, most recent payment or most recent payment date. This will even work inside your own internal web-based admin systems!
Use Multiple Gateways
With ChargeDesk you can connect multiple payment gateways to the one account. This means that if you have, say, customers in both Stripe and PayPal, you can manage them all inside Chrome. This happens transparently, so you can refund charges, manage subscriptions or create new charges for customers without needing to know which gateway they are supported through.
Your first 14 days of using ChargeDesk are free of charge! This allows you to test the service and in the (incredibly unlikely) case you find it's not for you, you pay nothing.
Review full pricing information.
Cancel Custom Integration Subscriptions
Any active subscription will have a button that allows you to cancel it immediately inside Chrome. Customer and subscription details update in real time so you are never working with stale or out-of-date information.
Complete Access Control
ChargeDesk enables you to have complete control over your customer's information. This allows you to select which of your support agents can view and make changes to customer information. Any changes made by your agents are logged and easily accessible both online and in downloadable report form.
Cut Chargebacks & Churn
ChargeDesk helps you follow best practices to cut your chargeback rate. Every charge is a pathway for the customer to get in touch with you directly when they have a dispute, rather than going to their bank. You can resolve the issue before it turns into a chargeback. This leads to happy customers and lower churn rates.
Custom Billing Support Pages
ChargeDesk will generate a custom billing support pages for every Custom Integration payment you receive. These pages allow your customers to immediately see the current status of their payment and how it will appear on their bank statement. These pages also serve as a point where your customers can bring questions or disputes about their charges directly to you. Like email receipts, any questions which come from these pages will have all the related billing information attached in your helpdesk so you never have to guess which charge a customer is asking about.
Integrated with your Helpdesk
ChargeDesk automatically detects many popular helpdesks and will contextually display information about the user or ticket you are viewing. You'll be able to refund charges, cancel subscriptions and create new charges for a customer right inside your helpdesk.
Customized for your Workflow
When embedded in a helpdesk or email client, the extension has been customised to appear and work as if it was a native application. We'll figure out which customer you are talking to and show their payment information next to your conversation.
Security is a key feature of ChargeDesk. We've spent countless hours hardening our systems and ensuring we use advanced, strong encryption wherever possible. We encrypt data both in transit and while it is stored on our servers. We support 2 factor authentication on any account.
Read more about ChargeDesk Security.
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