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What's New - April 2024

We're always upgrading ChargeDesk and think of our service as a work in progress. We try to balance performing upgrades to better service existing customers with adding new features to help bring in new customers. Much of the work we do is driven by customer feedback and feature requests. We'd love to hear any ideas you might have!

GoCardless Integration

ChargeDesk now supports GoCardless! GoCardless is a fintech company that specialises in bank payments including recurring payments, Direct Debit processing and Open Banking.

ChargeDesk's integration allows you to manage both individual payment and subscriptions inside your existing helpdesk. Start managing GoCardless inside your favourite helpdesk!

SSO is here!

We're pleased to announce that we now support SSO using OpenID Connect providers such as Okta and Google. To enable this feature on ChargeDesk just go to Account Setup > Manage SSO and click the link to setup your SSO connection.

Specific documentation is also available for enabling Okta SSO and Google SSO connections.

Crisp Integration

ChargeDesk now supports Crisp! Crisp is a popular live chat solution that allows you to chat with your customers in real-time. Our integration allows you to view your customer's billing history, manage charges, subscriptions and much more.

Try our new Crisp integration today!

Limit Emails, Improved 2FA, Subscription Report & more!

We are constantly releasing upgrades to ChargeDesk. This update highlight a few recent notable changes.

You can now Limit Emails and only send them when actions are initiated from agents via ChargeDesk. For example, this setting would allow you to send an email if an agent refunds a charge through ChargeDesk, but not if a refund was initiated through your gateway directly. To enable this, just go to Setup > Emails and set "Send Emails" to "Only for events initiated by ChargeDesk agents".

2 Factor Authentication has been improved and is now required less often. Once a valid 2FA code has been entered on a device when performing an action (such as a cancellation or refund), it will not be required to be re-entered again for a period of time on the same device. This improves agent productivity, while additional security controls ensure that accounts remain secure with this new feature.

We've added in a brand new report on the Subscriptions enabled for your company. Just go to Reports > Subscriptions to view a list of all subscriptions, their status, next payment date and more.

Finally, we've also added a number of additional permissions for agents roles, including the ability to limit agents refunds to a maximum amount for a group of agents. You can access this feature by adding a new role from Account Setup > Add Role, then set a maximum refund amount for the role under the "Refund Charges" permission.

Lists, Lists, Lists!

Are lists exciting? We think so! We're pleased to have added a whole new "List" tab to our helpdesk and mobile apps. This tab is available to all agents with list permissions and shows lists of important data such as Recent Charges, New Customers and Upcoming Subscriptions. Admins with reporting access can also view Recent Agent Activity from this tab as well.

This view gives you a quick look at recent and important activity on your account right where you need it most - inside your helpdesk or on the go on your phone. The List tab is enabled by default. You can disable it by removing list permissions from agent roles, or you can disable the List tab for an entire company from Setup > App Settings > Set "Show List" to "Disabled".

Delivery Email Addresses

You can now edit a customer's delivery email address and email subscription status from right inside our apps. While this functionality was previously available inside our web UI, by bringing it inside our apps you can now view and update this status much more easily. The delivery email address(es) will be used for all receipts, requests, dunning and other email notifications. Setting the customer to be unsubscribed will stop the delivery of automatic emails to the customer.

Double Confirmations

We have added a new security feature to help reduce the chance of accidental refunds, cancellations and new charges being performed. You can now enable double confirmations of key actions from Setup > Security for each of these features. Once enabled, agents will see a confirmation dialogue such as the one above before a key actions is performed.

Zapier Integration

ChargeDesk has a brand-new integration with Zapier! After a long private beta, we've reworked the entire integration to be easier to use and to cover a wider range of use-cases. It's now available for anyone to install and use from the Zapier website.

Try our new Zapier integration today!

Square Integration

ChargeDesk now supports Square! Square is a popular solution for both taking in-person and online payments. Their offerings include the Square Reader and Square Online.

ChargeDesk's integration allows you to manage both individual payment and subscriptions inside your existing helpdesk. Start managing Square inside your favourite helpdesk!

Subscription Emails

We now support sending the following emails for subscriptions in various stages of their life cycles;

You can set how many days before payment you'd like to send the trial ending and upcoming payment emails. The templates for all emails can be edited from Setup > Templates. These emails are all disabled by default and you can enable them from Setup > Emails under the Subscription section for each gateway you have connected.

Request Reminders

We now support automatically sending reminders for unpaid payment requests. You can set the interval between the reminders and the maximum number of reminders to send. The template for these reminders can be edited as well. These are disabled by default and can be enabled from Setup > Payment Pages.

Shopify Integration

We're pleased to publicly release our brand new Shopify integration! You can now manage your Shopify orders inside Zendesk, Front, Help Scout, Freshdesk, LiveAgent, Intercom, LiveChat,, AzureDesk, HubSpot, Missive, Gmail, Email, Chrome or via your mobile device.

Our integration also comes with a unique feature: order creation. You can create live carts for customers while they're chatting with your support agents.

Start managing your Shopify inside your helpdesk today!

Stripe Subscription Scheduling & Marking Invoices Uncollectible

When editing a Stripe Subscription through ChargeDesk you can now schedule plan changes for the end of the current billing cycle. This will apply any plan changes you may just before the customer makes their next payment on the subscription. To enable this feature, go to Setup > Gateways > Configure next to Stripe > Set "Schedule Changes" to "Enabled".

Failed Stripe invoices can now be marked as uncollectible using ChargeDesk. This is particularly useful when cancelling subscription if you would also like to stop retries on outstanging invoice for the customer. To enable this feature, go to Setup > Gateways > Configure next to Stripe > Set "Mark Uncollectible" to "Enabled".

PayPal IPN

We've recently added support for connecting the PayPal IPN to ChargeDesk. Adding the IPN connection to your existing PayPal integration with ChargeDesk will ensure that data is synchronized more quickly. It may also provide some additional data to your account, particularly for subscriptions and disputes. All companies can now add an IPN connection for their account by going to Setup > Gateways > Configure next to PayPal > Connect IPN.

Metadata Editing

Metadata can now be edit directly from our web interface. Just click the edit button against a customer or charge and you'll see a metadata section at the bottom that allows you to edit or add metadata to these records. Metadata is viewable wherever a customer or charge is shown.

earlier updates

Accept Payments with WooCommerce

You can now enable ChargeDesk to accept payments via your WooCommerce store! You no longer need to add additional gateways in order to accept payments. Agents can use our payment request form to generate a cart to send to a customer to complete on your store.

As this feature requires a couple of additional plugins, it is not enable by default. You can enable it from Setup > Gateways > Configure next to WooCommerce > set Accept Payments to "Yes".

New Charge Update

We're pleased to release a huge update to our new charge form! This update includes a number of very frequently requested features, including the ability to add multiple once-off line items and to set line items as non-taxable.

All existing functionality for the form remains. Read all about it here!

Editable Activity Reasons

We've deployed a change to allow agents and admins to edit activity reasons on our web UI. Agents will be able to edit the reasons they provide for refunds and cancellations for up to 24 hours after the event has occurred. Admins will be able to edit all historic agent reasons. This allows mistakes made by agents to be more easily corrected for reporting and exported data.

CSV Import, Agent Logs, Dedicated SMS

As always we're constantly releasing upgrades to ChargeDesk. This update highlight a few notable changes.

There's now a CSV Import available at Setup > CSV Import. This feature is in beta and it allows you to import a CSV file containing records of charges, customers, subscriptions and products. We've designed the import to intelligently detect the types of data you are importing, but it also offers full controls of which fields you'd like to map to internal data. It should allow you to import CSV data containing core data from almost any external software.

Recent upgrades to our Agent Logs now include additional data such a gateway reference ids (for actions such as refunds). We also include transaction IDs in CSV and API exports to allow you to better match agent actions in external systems.

We now offer a Dedicated SMS setup for $60/mo which allow you to send SMS from a dedicated number specifically for your business. Having a dedicated number allows you to forward inbound calls and setup specific responses to customer replies. Please contact support if you're interested in enabling this on your account.

Performance & Security

As part of ongoing upgrades we've recently completed a significant migration of almost all of ChargeDesk's core infrastructure. This upgrade has been to; provide future capacity for growth, improve current performance, further harden our security infrastructure and data storage. While most of these changes have been behind the scenes, our monitoring software shows much more reliable response times. This will correspond to more consistent performance while you use ChargeDesk even under extremely heavy load.

The one immediate change you might also notice is that you may stay logged in for much longer periods on our web interface. You can now stay logged in for up to 12 hours. You can shorten this time from Account Setup > Account Details.

Missive Integration

Our latest integration is with Missive! Missive enables teams of all sizes to work more effectively together using email. Our integration brings our full range of features to Missive, including viewing your customers billing history, managing charge, subscriptions and much more.

Take a look at our new Missive integration.

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