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Help Center Using ChargeDeskNew Charge Update

New Charge Form Update

We've recently rolled out an update to our New Charge and Payment Request forms. This update adds a number of frequently requested features and helps lay the groundwork for future updates.

A Consistent Experience

While the new UI may look different at first glance, all inputs are in the same place and operate the same way as before. The only significant change is that the Product/Subscription menu item is now controlled by the Product select box.

If you leave the Product as 'None' then the an individual charge will be created, as before. If you select another Product, then a Product/Subscription will be created, as before.

This change provides more flexibility so that both product related payments and custom line items can be added in a single charge. All other fields remain in the same place and no functionality as been removed for either individual charges or subscriptions. You do not need to make any changes to your existing workflows as they will continue to operate in the same way.

New Feature - Multiple Line Items

The form now supports adding multiple line items using the "Add Item" button. Multiple once-off products and custom once-off line items can be combined together.

The form allows you to set a quantity for each line item and gives you a preview of the total charge for the customer.

Subscriptions do not currently support multiple line items. You can select and create subscriptions on this form, however currently the "Add Item" button will be disable once you select a subscription. We are still exploring how to support multiple subscription items consistently across gateways and hope to enable this in the future.

New Feature - Non-Taxable Line Items

If you use ChargeDesk to add or include tax on payments, you can now set individual line items to be taxable or non-taxable. Non-taxable line items will not have tax added to them at checkout, or shown as included on the invoices ChargeDesk generates. By default, and for backwards compatibility, all line items will remain taxable by default if taxes are enabled.

You can also set a taxable status on individual products at creation, or by editing them on our web interface. The taxable status on individual products will be the default for newly created charges.

All existing options for subscriptions and products remain available in this new form and operate exactly the same as before the update.

New Feature - Discount Line Items

As long as the total amount for a payment is positive, individual line items can have amounts that are negative (for a discount) or zero (for a free component). Negative amounts will automatically show as a discount. This gives you more flexibility when quoting customers for complex orders and services.

If you have any questions about this new form, or feature requests for future upgrades, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to help!