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What's New - March 2017

We're really excited to launch this large update to ChargeDesk! We've spent quite a bit of time working on almost every part of our app to optimise the user experience and add new features. You can find a list of what's new below.

We'd love to hear any feedback or future feature requests you have. Please let us know what you think!

Update Credit Cards

ChargeDesk now supports updating credit cards through billing support pages. You can enable this from Setup > Customer Self-Support. When customers enter new card details through ChargeDesk, this information it sent directly from your customer's browser to your payment gateway. The new card is then set as the default payment method for new charges for that customer. You can use this technique to provide an easy method to allow your customers to update cancelled or expired credit cards.

Zuora & AzureDesk

We're pleased to have just launched support for a new payment gateway and a new helpdesk. The new gateway is Zuora and the new helpdesk is AzureDesk! We've have a great time working with the teams on both platforms in order to add these intergrations.

We are always working supporting new platforms. You can let us know if you'd like us to add a gateway or a helpdesk. Adding your details will let us priortise support for the platform and we'll be in touch once support goes live!

earlier updates

Tax Summary

Just in time for tax season, we've just released the new Tax Summary in the reports section. This report allows you to generate a monthly, quarterly or yearly summary of all the successful payments in your account, broken down by country and tax rate. The summary is particularly use for MOSS VAT reporting for our european customers.

Create Subscriptions

You can now create new subscriptions right inside our helpdesk app. We support using almost all options available on your gateway including trial periods, coupons and setup fees. We create native subscriptions on your gateway which means they'll play nicely with any other billing systems you have connected.

If you have an existing customer you can add a subscription to their account immediately and charge the card they have on file. You can also request a new customer to enter their billing details so they can sign up

Purchase Pages for Products

Our updated product system now offers optional purchase pages for all products. These purchase pages allow your customers to sign up for a product or subscription just by entering their payment details. You no longer need to request a payment from each customer and instead can just add a link or embed the purchase page on your site.

Edit Customers

You can now edit customer details directly from the ChargeDesk app. We support editing common contact details such as name, email address and phone number. Where available, we sync this data imediately with your payment gateway. This means you can update a customer's name or email inside ChargeDesk and have it available on your connected applications.

We've also added an option for editing the Invoice Details and Tax ID which is shown on customer's invoices. This means that if a customer contacts you to update their details you can do this all inside your helpdesk.

Update Card on File

Our customer editing functionality includes the ability to securely update the card on file for a customer. You can either send the customer a link so they can enter their card details to update their account, or you can update the details yourself right inside your helpdesk! In both cases the card data is send directly from your browser (or your customer's browser) directly to your payment gateway. This keeps the card data secure at all times. Updating cards on file works with all Stripe, Braintree & Recurly customers.

Flexible Payment Requests

When requesting payments you can now choose not to send the customer an email. This allows you to create a payment request without entering an email address or phone number. In these cases a short link to a payment page will be generated which you can copy and send to a customer. This is particularly useful when using ChargeDesk with a chat program such as Intercom.

Coupon Support

Along with adding coupons to new subscriptions we now have better recognition for when they have been previously applied to a subscription. You can see which subscriptions have coupons and what discount has been applied. In the future we'll add the ability to add coupons to existing subscriptions.


We've reworked our helpdesk app from the ground up to make it both faster and more reliable. Our Chrome extension has been updated several times to ensure that the ChargeDesk is correctly embedded in your helpdesk when needed. We've also doubled the size of our backend infrastructure over the past couple of months to better handle load spikes.

We'll also be rolling out updates to our native helpdesk apps over the coming weeks to make the initial app loads even faster.

Better Security

We're continuing to upgrade ChargeDesk's security systems to ensure your data is safe. While most of this happens behind the scenes, there are a few new pieces of information available in your agent logs. We now log the ticket or URL where an agent's action was performed. This allows you to say, tie a refund back to the ticket which triggered it. We've also made the agent's IP address available in admin reports of agent activity.

More Currencies

You can now choose which currencies you and your agents can use to create new charges with using ChargeDesk. By setting the default currency for new charges you can make your workflow even faster. We now support 171 currencies which means that if your payment gateway supports a currency, so does ChargeDesk!