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Email Configuration

You can set your own support email address as the 'From' email address used for emails sent from ChargeDesk. If you do not provide an address, a unique email address generated by ChargeDesk for your company will be used.

For example, setting your "From Name" to "Your Company Billing Support" and your "From Email" to "" will result in emails from ChargeDesk looking like the one below.

There a few things to consider when changing this address as choosing the wrong one can result in deliverability problems with some of your customers not receiving your emails.

Choosing an Address

You should use a valid support email address for your from email. For example you might use By default, replies to emails from ChargeDesk will be routed through ChargeDesk to ensure that they are sent to your helpdesk with the appropriate billing information attached. However, customers may still try to reply directly to the from email address in your emails, so we recommend you use a valid address here.

If you do not have your own domain and are using a free email account such as or to receive emails, we recommend you do not use this email address as it can result in some of your emails not going through because they are marked as spam. You can safely use the default ChargeDesk email address in this case.

*Recommended* Add SPF & DKIM Records

If you use your own email address, we recommend that you update the DNS record on your domain. These records allow email clients to know that ChargeDesk is authorized to send emails on your behalf. It will stop ChargeDesk emails from being marked as spam and will also often stop the "via" from message appearing in email clients such as Gmail.

You can find these records by going to Setup > Emails and clicking the "Generate SPF & DKIM Records" button.

SPF Record

You can add an SPF record for ChargeDesk by adding to your SPF record for your domain. For example, you could edit your domain's DNS settings to add a TXT record which matches the following;

v=spf1 ~all

You can combine multiple SPF records into one. For example if you're also using gmail to send emails from your domain, your SPF record might look like;

v=spf1 ~all

DKIM Record

The DKIM record can also be added by editing your domain's DNS settings to add a TXT record. The TXT record will be unique for your domain and can be generate by clicking the generate button as described above.

Verify Records

Once you have added your SPF and DKIM records, you need to click the "Verify Records" button shown below them on ChargeDesk. Until we are able to verify the records, we will not be able to switch over to using them. Due to DNS propagation, we may not be able to immediately verify updates to your DNS records. If this is the case, please wait a few minutes and try again. If this still does not resolve the problem, please contact support for further assistance.