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Billing History

ChargeDesk can import your company's entire billing history from payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and Braintree. This means ChargeDesk can provide your customers with an up-to-date record of their billing history with your company. This allows your customers to view their past invoices, update their tax information and request billing support.

Billing history must be turned on in your company settings.
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There are several simple ways you can show your customers their billing history with ChargeDesk.

Option 1: Email Receipts

This is the easiest option and requires no coding. Every time a customer makes a new charge with your company, we'll automatically send them a receipt with pdf invoice. Both the receipt and the invoice contain a link to the customer's billing support and history page.

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Option 2: Link to a Customer's Billing History

You can add a link anywhere on your site directly to your customer's billing history. Just replace {customer_id} with the customer's ID from your payment gateway. more info

<a href="{company_id}/customer/{customer_id}/history?signature={signature}">
    Show Billing History

There are several formats for this URL depending on which landing page you want to take the customer to.

Please note: in High Security mode, these URLs require an additional signature which must be generated with your secret support key.

Option 3: Embed Billing History on your Site

You can add a script to your site anywhere you would like your customer's billing history to show.

Find out more about embedding billing history.