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ChargeDesk for Recurly Feature Matrix

This page provide an overview of the features ChargeDesk supports for Recurly.

Common Agent Facing Features Recurly Support
Quickly view and manage your customer's entire billing history Yes
Manage customers inside your helpdesk Yes
Manage customers inside your backend admin system Yes
Manage customers on any web page with our Chrome extension Yes
Manage customers on your mobile device Yes
Control access levels for support agents (e.g. set some agents to read-only) Yes
Log every action performed for a support agent Yes
Log reason codes for refunds and cancellations Yes
View activity by other agents on a charge, subscription or customer Yes
Common Customer Facing Features Recurly Support
Embed billing history on your site Yes
Generate automatic billing support pages Yes
Send customized email receipts Yes
Attach PDF tax invoices to receipts Yes
Show tax information based on your customer's country (VAT & GST compliant) Yes
Allow customers to update their own invoice details (e.g. to add their Tax ID) Yes
Notify customers for important events such as refunds or payment failures (dunning) Yes
Common Admin Facing Features Recurly Support
Generate reports on agent activity, email delivery, tax summaries and more Yes
Programatically trigger actions or update data using the ChargeDesk API Yes
Receive webhooks for events processed by ChargeDesk Yes
Use our powerful admin system to configure almost every detail of your customer's and agent's experience using ChargeDesk Yes
Charge Features Recurly Support
Refund Charges Yes
Capture Charges
Edit Charge Record Yes
Send Payment Requests Reminders Yes
Manually Email Receipts & Notifications Yes
Stop Collection on Unpaid Invoices Yes
Charge Transactions Yes
Subscription Features Recurly Support
Cancel Subscriptions Yes
Cancel Subscriptions Immediately (Terminate) Yes
Refund Charges on Subscription Termination Yes
Suspend/Pause Subscriptions Yes
Reactivate Subscriptions Yes
Automatically Reactivate Subscriptions
Apply Coupons to Subscription Yes
Edit Subscription Plans Yes
Prorate Subscription Changes
Apply Multiple Plans to Subscription
Invoice Subscription Changes Immediately Yes
Edit Schedule
Apply Multiple Coupons at Once Yes
Suspend Cycles Yes
Edit Subscription Billing Period Yes
Customer Features Recurly Support
Create a Charge on a Customer's Card Yes
Authorize a Charge on a Customer's Card
Send Payment Requests Yes
Edit Customer's Details Yes
Sync Edits with Payment Gateway Yes
Enter Card Details for Existing Customers Yes
Apply Coupons to Customer Yes
Add and Edit Customer Credit
Retry Customer's Failed Payments
Apply Multiple Coupons at Once Yes
Product Features Recurly Support
Create New Products (Once-off) Yes
Create New Products (Recurring) Yes
Create Recurring Setup Amount Yes
Charge Customer for a Product (Once-off) Yes
Charge Customer for a Product (Recurring) Yes
Charge Recurring Coupon Yes
Charge Recurring Setup Amount
Charge One Off Edit Amount Yes
Charge Recurring Edit Cycles Yes
Charge Recurring Edit Amount Yes

If you'd like any more information on how any of these features work, please contact us and we'd be happy to help!