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The ChargeDesk template system is a powerful way for you to edit and preview changes to your customer-facing pages. You can access this from Setup > Templates. This page explains how to use the template system.

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The template page comprises of 5 main sections which are described below.

Section 1: Select a Template

The template dropdown menu allows you to select which template you are editing. You can create additional templates by using the Manage Templates item.

Templates are displayed based on a set of rules you define for each template. You can choose to show a template only for customers in a certain country, or for a selection of products. Each template can have it's own logo and branding.

If you do not add additional templates, or do not define text for a field in the template applied, then the value set in the default template will be used.

Section 2: Select an Template Context (Branding, Email, SMS, PDF or Page)

The menu on the left side of the page lets you select a context within the template to edit. A context can be an email, SMS, PDF or web page. Not all contexts may be active in your account based on your company setup.

After clicking on a context in the left menu, you'll be shown a page where you can preview and edit the context.

Section 3: Edit Template Context

In this section you can edit the context you have selected. Changes you make will be shown live in the preview to the right. Some fields are optional and will be removed from the template if they have no content. You can use placeholders in text fields which will be replaced with contextual information such as details about the charge or customer an email or page relates to. Some fields in the edit section are shared between multiple contexts (e.g. menu items). These fields will be contained in sections which explain which context share them.

Once you have finished editing a context you must click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to make the changes live for your customers.

Section 4: Preview Controls

These controls let you choose which type of preview you'd like for the context you are editing. For emails you can select a HTML or Text preview. For Branding, you can select to see an Email, Invoice or Page.

Section 5: Preview

This section shows a live preview of the template context you're editing. Placeholder will be replaced with example text for preview purposes.

Pro tip: You can click on elements in the preview to quickly edit them.


Placeholders can be used inside template contexts to contextually show information about the charge, customer, product, subscription, gateway or company being shown. Not all placeholders are available in all contexts. Start typing out a placholder (e.g. {a... ) to see available placholders for the current context.

A full list of possible placeholders can be found below.

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