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Custom Domains

ChargeDesk supports setting a custom domain for all your customer-facing pages that ChargeDesk generates. This means that instead of pages being delivered from, you can use a subdomain of your own domain such as

Using a custom domain helps to improve customer confidence and lets you completely whitelabel the ChargeDesk service to your customers.

Choosing a Custom Domain

You can use a subdomain of any domain that you control. We recommend using if it is not already being used for another purpose. You may not use the root a domain name with no subdomain. For example just using by itself will not work.

Connecting your Custom Domain

  1. First you need to find the DNS manager for your domain. Your DNS manager is often located at either the site where you registered your domain, or where it is hosted. It will have a list of records saying which servers your domain and subdomains are pointed to.
  2. On your DNS manager add a CNAME record from your chosen subdomain to point to
    It will look something like this; Please note that if you're using as your custom domain, you will usually just put billing in the name field and not the full subdomain. If you are using Cloudflare, please click the cloud icon, so it is grey not orange as shown above.
  3. On ChargeDesk, from Setup > Customer Self-Support > Custom Domain you can now enter your chosen domain.
    Sign in to show your custom domain settings here.
    We'll verify that the domain is mapped correctly before it can be switched over. Usually CNAME changes are very fast, but if this does not work immediately, you may need to wait a few minutes for your DNS change to propagate.
  4. That's it! ChargeDesk handles all the complicated parts of provisioning an SSL certificate for this domain automatically. If you link directly to any ChargeDesk self-support pages on your site, you can now update these URLs. Any URLs generated by the ChargeDesk website or app will now automatically link to your new custom domain.