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ChargeDesk Extension + Front Plugin

Perform advanced billing support inside Front.

The native ChargeDesk integration for Front allows you to refund charges and cancel subscriptions. However, ChargeDesk also has additional features which can be useful for supporting your customers. These include showing detailed information about your customers and charges, the ability to search for customers and the ability to create new charges.

NEW: You can now run the full set of ChargeDesk features inside Front without the ChargeDesk Chrome extension. This means it will work in all browsers. Just follow the steps below to set it up.


1. In Front, create a new plugin by going to Settings > API & Integrations > Plugins > Add a plugin

2. In the NAME field enter

In the ENDPOINT field enter
Then click "Save" in the top right.

That's it! You will now be able to see your charges next to your Front conversations. You can now use the plugin panel to search for customers and create new charges.

If you also have the native ChargeDesk integration for Front enabled you can disable it as you do not need both integrations running at once.