ChargeDesk for UserVoice

Manage your customers & payments inside UserVoice.

Connect with UserVoice
You can manage your customers inside UserVoice using the ChargeDesk Chrome extension. We support tagging customers with payment details and will be rolling out additional integration shortly.
Connect UserVoice with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Recurly, Zuora, Chargify, WooCommerce, NMI and Payments MB
Features for UserVoice
Refund Charges inside UserVoice
With the ChargeDesk application you can refund any charge right inside UserVoice. Partial and full refunds are supported. Refunds a processed immediately and you will receive feedback on their success. Once a charge is refunded it will show as such inside UserVoice.
Search your Entire Billing History
You can search for the last 4 digits of a credit card, by email address, customer name, username and more. This allows you to immediately find specific charges for a customer without spending time hunting through multiple systems.
Security is a key feature of ChargeDesk. We've spent countless hours hardening our systems and ensuring we use advanced, strong encryption wherever possible. We encrypt data both in transit and while it is stored on our servers. We support 2 factor authentication on any account.
Read more about ChargeDesk Security.
Cancel Subscriptions
Any active subscription will have a button that allows you to cancel it immediately inside UserVoice. Customer and subscription details update in real time so you are never working with stale or out-of-date information.
Create New Charges
You can use ChargeDesk to create new charges on cards on file for your customers inside UserVoice. This will be processed immediately on your payment gateway and you can download a tax invoice to send as a record to a customer.
Use Multiple Gateways
With ChargeDesk you can connect multiple payment gateways to the one account. This means that if you have, say, customers in both Stripe and PayPal, you can manage them all inside UserVoice. This happens transparently, so you can refund charges, manage subscriptions or create new charges for customers without needing to know which gateway they are supported through.
Your first 14 days of using ChargeDesk are free of charge! This allows you to test the service and in the (incredibly unlikely) case you find it's not for you, you pay nothing.
Review full pricing information.
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